Issue connecting UI after dss crash

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asked Jan 7 by anonymous

After a crash during a model calculation (running infinite), I am no more able to conncet to DSS UI.

Error message from Firefox : "Connection with server has been re-initialized during page loading"

I connect through Firefox, last update. I set up DSS with a Local VirtualBox and chose ubuntu environment.

Could you help me make it works again?


1 Answer

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answered Jan 9 by Adrien Lavoillotte
Did you try restarting DSS then reloading the page in your browser?
commented Jan 9 by lucas
Obviously ;-)

It seems I reach an amount of 23.6 Go /24 Go in virtualbox storage. I guess it could be an issue.

I increased the storage capacity by cloning virtual machine but it doesn't work so far. Any ideas ? ;-)
commented Jan 9 by Adrien Lavoillotte
You'd be surprised ;)

Can you send a diagnostic (from Administration > Maintenance > Diagnostic Tool) to please?