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Hey !

I followed all the steps of this tutoriel: http://www.dataiku.com/dss/trynow/virtualbox/

But when i open the URL in my browser (Firefox or Chrome): (i check it's the same as in my VR, Data Science Studio interface:

I got this message: "invalid request"

I checked with some firefox tools and it says that the HTML document encoding caracter hasn't been declared.


If you got some answer for my problem i would be very happy =) !
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The most common issues related to this:

- The VM just takes a long time to start, did you wait long enough?

- Somehow the studio did not boot correctly, you can connect to the VM, and use "dss/bin/dss status" to see if everything is running. If not, use "dss/bin/dss restart".
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Thank you for your answer but unfortunately it's not the good one for my problem.

- Yes I wait until my VR get started (I can see the msg in it: Welcome to Dataiku ...)

-I did dss/bin/dss status in my VR, the was the answer:

backend     RUNNING pid 2808, uptime 0:07:02
ipython       RUNNING pid 2806, uptime 0:07:02
nginx           RUNNING pid 2807, uptime 0:07:02

So everything should be ok no ?

I also restarted the dss to see what happend but i always got the same message on my Browser page ( invalid request )

ps: When i do arp -a on the cmd of my computer it show me that the VM is connected
Indeed everything should be working.
Next thing you can try is within the VM: curl localhost:10000
If you get some html text, it means the studio is running and responding (I expect this to be the case in your situation).

So now we know that it is a network issue, meaning that your machine (through a browser) cannot talk to the VM. You will have to check firewall settings...

This issue is not common at all but we suspect having seen at least another occurence. Any findings that you make would be of great value for us in understanding the problem.
Thank you again for your quick answer !

I took the easy way and i downloaded the app on my mac. I know i'm coward hahaha !
Thank you for your time cperdigou.
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