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I would like to have a dataset loaded each day (with a scenario, I guess) from a FTP.

However, I want my DSS dataset to load a different file from the FTP each day : dataset_2016-12-01.txt today, dataset_2016-12-02.txt tomorrow, and so on.

How can I do that ? Is there some kind of global variable for the date, that I can inser in the name of the targeted source file ? (If not, can I build one ?)

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You can use partitioning (by date) on an Uncached FTP dataset: you specify just / as the path, the in the Partitioning tab, activate partitioning, add a time dimension and set the partitioning pattern to dataset_%Y-%M-%D.txt.

You can then  create a Sync recipe from this dataset to another dataset on a local storage connection (e.g. File System) with the same partitioning (the default is to keep the same partitioning and and equals partition dependency.

Finally, you can build this dataset (or other downstream datasets with the same partitioning) from a Scenario: just add a build step and specify CURRENT_DAY in the partition (note: you have other placeholders, like PREVIOUS_DAY, should you need them).

Hope this helps.

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