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Hi there - Im on the trial version and wanted to connect to a dataset that is hosted on a Socrata open data platform. Ex: https://data.smgov.net/Public-Services/Water-Usage/4nnq-5vzx

which has multiple endpoints like:

ODATA: https://data.smgov.net/OData.svc/4nnq-5vzx

JSON: https://data.smgov.net/resource/4nnq-5vzx.json

or even connect via HTTP to a CSV: https://data.smgov.net/api/views/4nnq-5vzx/rows.csv?accessType=DOWNLOAD


Similar question for accessing datasets in data.gov or other hosted open data platforms.


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In a Project, go to the datasets list, then click the "+ New Dataset" button, then Network > FTP / HTTP / SSH / SFTP. You can then add URLs of files to use as source for your dataset.

See the documentation on HTTP datasets.

For open data platform that require an API to fetch the data, you can write your own Dataiku DSS plugin to achieve that.

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Here is the error I get on trying :

hostname in certificate didn't match: <data.smgov.net> != <2014bonds.cityofws.org> OR <2014bonds.cityofws.org>
I can reproduce, we'll look into this
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