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We have 2 tables with the same name in different DSS projects, and we only see one table with the name in the Hive metastore. It seems that when tables are synced in DSS to a Hive Metastore, the DSS project names are not used. Is there a way to distinguish the tables in Hive without changing the table names?
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you're right, when you use the same dataset name in different projects but on the same storage, these two Dateset will refer to the same table).

There is no way to distinguish the tables without changing the table names ; we consider that :

     - or these two tables contain the same informations, so you can create this dataset in a project and 'expose' it to the other one.

    - these two tables contains two different informations, so it's not problematic to have two different name.

I sometimes have this problem when I name my dataset "train" or "test".... in this case, I took the habit to name it "train_churn" for exemple.

I hope it helped you ; don't hesitate if you need more information,

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