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I would like to create massive dataiku dataset using python interpretor, without using creating them manually in the recipe

Note: The following command works only if I have created a dataiku dataset called "myoutputdataset" in my recipe. But, my problem is to create a new dataiku Dataset with out creating it before in my recipe and save my pandas dataframe in it 

output_ds = dataiku.Dataset("myoutputdataset")
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2 Answers

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The "results" Dataset is not created by the Python code, but when you create your Recipe first:

So how do I create massive datasets like "results" without mentioning them in the recipe?
But this is exactly was question I think. How can one create the "results" dataset using only the Python code inside the recipe? Or in other words: How can a Python recipe add outputs to itself?
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"myoutputdataset" and "my_dataframe" are just placeholders that need to be changed with your own names / code. 

For instance, the following (complete) recipe has a output DSS dataset called "results" which is filled by a Pandas dataframe called "o":

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import dataiku
import pandas as pd

# Recipe inputs
titanic = dataiku.Dataset("titanic")
df = titanic.get_dataframe()

# Some Python code
# ...
o = df.sort('PassengerId')

# Recipe outputs
output = dataiku.Dataset("results")

Hope this helps. 

I think you mis-understood my question. I know  that "myoutputdataset" and "my_dataframe" are just placeholders.  In your code

output = dataiku.Dataset("results")

what is "results". I suppose its a dataiku database, So you have already have a dataiku database named "results". Thats why you are able to write into it. My Question is how do you create the "results" database in dataiku using python code
The output dataset of a recipe is created in the recipe creation modal.

In case you really want to massively create datasets, there is an python API to administer DSS that you can use
Note that this API is NOT intended to be used to create the output dataset of a single recipe.
Yes @kenjil I would like to create massive datasets
This has nothing to do with the size of the dataset but with the number of datasets you want to create. There is not point using that API for creating a single dataset, whatever its size.
I want to create a large number of datasets, Is there any method to do this, please note I have a COMMUNITY EDITION license for DSS
I'm sorry. The admin API is not available in DSS Free Edition.
So there is no other way to create large number of datasets with DSS Free edition?
Note : If these datasets are linked to existing tables in a SQL connection, you can just mass create datasets for these tables in the connection settings UI in the administration of DSS.
What if my data files are csv files, Is there a way to convert a large number of csv files to large number of dataiku datasets? @kenjil
You can write some python code that reads your CSV files from a static path and then writes them individually into DSS.
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