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I am trainning on DataIku recently.

I want to create a model but i yave error exception like this :

"ops: an unexpected error occured

If this happens again, please use Feedback to tell us more about what you were doing.

Exception caught during execution of add command, caused by: EOFException: Short read of block.
HTTP code: 500, type: org.eclipse.jgit.api.errors.JGitInternalException

So i cannot modify model parameters.

Thank's to help me.


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This indicates that the internal Git repository that stores DSS configuration versions is corrupted, probably following a sudden power loss (this can happen if you are using the virtualbox/vmware DSS and shut it down brutally).

To fix this, you need to log in to your DSS machine (if you are using virtualbox/vmware, the instructions appear in the banner).

* Note the project key of the project in which you have a problem

* Go to the DSS data directory, and then run: ./bin/dss stop

* rm -rf config/projects/THEPROJECTWITHTHEPROBLEM/.git

* ./bin/dss start

Alternatively, creating another project should work, if you don't have much work in your project for the moment
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