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I know how to configure a custom mapping on Elasticsearch. But, how to setup settings for a specific index (Like analyzer...) ?

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DSS supports 2 modes for ElasticSearch mapping, defined in each dataset's settings:

  • Either it is automatically deduced from the Dataset's schema
  • Or it is manual and you must specify the whole mapping, including the analyzer to use on a field

Other settings that are not done on the fields (like defining a new analyzer on the index) should be done manually, for example in a code recipe (Shell, Python…).

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I create it manually. But the default sync receipe delete and create the index. And I dont want the "Append" mode.

I want to purge index and bulk insert, not delete and create.

Is it possible ?

Yes, what you want is an external elasticsearch dataset http://doc.dataiku.com/dss/latest/connecting/elasticsearch.html#external-elasticsearch-datasets (see managed & external datasets: http://doc.dataiku.com/dss/latest/concepts/index.html#managed-datasets). Managed dataset are managed by DSS, so may be deleted and re-created by recipes. External datasets, on the other hand, are only emptied when written, not deleted.
Perfect ! Exactly what i looking for.
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