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I am trying to use the Google sheet plugin.

I have installed all the dependencies required  in the DataScienceStudio/dss_home/bin folder

  • gspread (>=0.2.5)
  • oauth2client (>=1.5.0)
  • PyOpenSSL (>=0.15.0)
  • awesome-slugify (>=1.6.5)

but I still have the same error:

Test failed: cannot import name SignedJwtAssertionCredentials

I googled the error and I install few more package:

$ pip install pycrypto

$ pip install pyopenssl
$ pip install httplib2
$ pip install oauth2client
$ pip install ssl


But it is still not working.

I would really much appreciate you help .



----conf info---

Mac os El Capitan 10.11.5


Hi, just to make sure, did you use DATA_DIR/bin/pip instead of the system's pip?
(See http://www.dataiku.com/learn/guide/code/python/install-python-packages.html for details).
Yes, I was in  the DATA_DIR/bin/pip.

cd /Users/adrien/Library/DataScienceStudio/dss_home
./bin/pip install --upgrade pip
./bin/pip install --upgrade gspread
./bin/pip install --upgrade awesome-slugify
./bin/pip install --upgrade PyOpenSSL
./bin/pip install --upgrade awesome-slugify
./bin/pip install --upgrade oauth2client==1.5.2
./bin/pip install --upgrade cryptography
./bin/pip install --upgrade gspread
./bin/pip install --upgrade oauth2client
./bin/pip install --upgrade PyOpenSSL
./bin/pip install --upgrade pycrypto
./bin/pip install --upgrade pyopenssl
./bin/pip install --upgrade httplib2
./bin/pip install --upgrade ssl

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Thanks for reporting this.

In the list you provided, we can see that oauth2client appears twice.

./bin/pip install --upgrade oauth2client==1.5.2
./bin/pip install --upgrade oauth2client

The second one is probably with the newest version, and there is known issue when oauth2client >= 2.0.0.

What I suggest:

  • Delete both (./bin/pip uninstall oauth2client oauth2client==1.5.2) and install again the 1.5.2 version (./bin/pip install oauth2client==1.5.2)
  • Or, there is a beta of a new version of the plugin available that works with oauth2client >= 2.0.0. You can download the zip here. Make sure you install again the dependencies in DSS administration after installation.

Let us know if that helps.


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Thank you so much, Jermy!
It's working well now.
And also thank you for the new version, I was looking for how to write in a google sheet.
You're welcome! Let me know if you have any issue with this beta.
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