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I have multiple projects. Project import dataset from other projects.

 Is there a way to export the dependency of projects?

If I delete/rename project , will it affect related project which import dataset from delete/renamed project?

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Hi baobo,

Let's say you have 2 projects (A and B) on one server and some dependencies between (A shares to B).

- If you were to import both projects into a new environment (assuming no other projects are called A or B) there will be no issues and your objects will continue being shared.

- If you import only A, there's no issue as there's no dependency. A shares to B, but this is not a dependency on A and can continue working.

- If you import only B, when you try to interact with the shared object (from a non-existent A) or rerun your flow, you'd encounter issues.

You can of course manually remap your dependencies as well once the projects are imported.

I hope this helps!
A shared some data set to B.
In the same server, If I delete or rename A, will B affected?

If there is a dependency map for all projects, that will be much easier to manage projects and delete purged projects.
The projects can be renamed as the sharing happens using the ids of the projects which are set only once.
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