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Is it possible to export/import recipes?

I've done export/import of whole projects, and all the recipes were preserved with fidelity.

Can one  do it with an individual recipe?

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Hi davidmakozov,

You can copy recipes or other flow objects across projects or create new projects with the selected elements. You can choose elements of your flow and then use the Copy menu to select the most appropriate option.

Recipes on their own are probably not semantically sound in the context of import/export. It would mean that a recipe could "do" something without any elements around it such as datasets, folders, or being part of a project.

If you're looking to run code without the context of a project, then perhaps it's worth looking into Macros.

Hi Liev,
You are right, I cannot run a recipe without data.
I can reuse a recipe within  a project by going to the input/output tab and replacing the input and output, as long as the input is compatible, obviously. So there is an 'entity', a set of operations, that persists during such an operation. In principle, it can be exported.
Also, there could be an option of exporting a recipe with the associated data, just like exporting project exports all local data.
I'll look  into Macros, thank you.
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