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I had a project that became corrupt (VDI) possibly dues to a forced DSS shutdown.


After looking through some previous Q&A's i renamed the 'databases' file to 'databases.old' which then allowed me back into my project.... so far so good as i DESPERATELY need to gain working access to this project.


So now i can open up my project and have a look. But whenever i try and export the project or try and perform any operation i get the error -> "x Out Of Disk Space - no space left on device".


How can i go about getting my project working again or just be able to export it so i can load it into a new Session on VirtualBox?

I'm not brilliant with VirtualBox but please let me know if i can provide you with any more info for you to assist me.


Thank you in advance,


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You asked this on our support a few minutes ago. Please leave us a bit of time to reply.
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