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I have a file-based dataset(csv format).I want to partition this dataset based on value a a column (there are 5 values of the column (0,1,2,3,4)

I followed the tutorial but cannot paritiion it.

My column name is 'partition'.And I clicked on "add decrete dimension".Then I fill "partition" in to the box and it generate the pattern "%{partition}/.*"

But then I clicked "list partitions" button. it shows me "

Detected 0 partitions

  Found 1 unmatched file:

  • /out-s0.csv


Anyone can help me?

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Your dataset is not yet partitioned. You need to rebuild it to see the generated partitions.
To generate this partitioned dataset the parent recipe should be a sync (Configuration tab) or a prepare recipe (Advanced tab) with the redispatch partitioning activated. 

Redispatch setting






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sorry I don't see "redispatch partitioning according to input columns" in my advanced tab, what could be the reason? My seeting told me " No settings required".
To see it, you need to have the output dataset of the recipe partitioned.
I added a picture on the main answer.
Sorry I might ask some stupid questions but the picture you show me is different from my dataiku .
In my sync recipe-> advanced->settings there is no checkbox for "redispatch partitioning according to input columns".  I really want to attach my screenshot here. How should I do that?
Sorry, in the sync it's in the Configuration tab
In the sync-> configuration tab -> settings .I have only two options:"Free output schema(name-based matching)" and "Maintain strict schema equality".There is still no "redispatch partitioning according to input columns"
In the sync-> configuration tab -> output, can you confirm the dataset is partitionned by something?
you should see that mentioned below the name of the dataset.
Thanks. I finally made some progress. I'm able to do the partition.
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