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Hi, I had a Ipython notebook called "oldName" but since I renamed it with "% oldName" I can not open it anymore and the following error appears "'400 bad request". I can not rename it because I can not enter in it and I have an important script inside of it, so it would really be a waste of time if I lost the job I have done on it. Any idea on how to get the script back ?



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This could be done by renaming the file directly.

The ipython notebook file will be located in DSS_DIR/config/ipython_notebooks/PROJECT where DSS_DIR is the home of the studio and project is the key of your project (the one you can see in the studio url for example).

Rename it to clean the % sign. For example if you are using linux type in terminal :

cd DSS_DIR/config/ipython_notebooks/PROJECT

mv mypythonnotebookwith_%.ipynb mypythonnotebookwith_percent.ipynb
How can I find the DSS_DIR ? Because I can't find it.
in a new ipython notebook run the following
 ! echo $DIP_HOME
this will give you your dss home.
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