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I'm working with Datasets in Azure Blob storage. I see that Dataiku says writing to Avro format is available, but it's not an option on my output dataset (only CSV is). What do I need to do to get Avro writing enabled?
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I found the answer - I can export to Avro as desired by using the "Export" recipe.

Next question however... it seems that my Avro files do not retain column types - is this expected? Also, on _some_ datasets Dataiku errors due to Date column types but on others it doesn't - what might be causing this issue?

I do see the "Date known issue" (https://doc.dataiku.com/dss/latest/formats/avro.html#limitations-and-issues) but it appears that Avro 1.8 has been released with this fix - does DataIku not support 1.8 yet?

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Indeed you can use the Export feature on a dataset to export it to Avro. As you noted, we do not currently support DATE types on Avro, as Avro 1.8 has not been qualified at the moment. I have logged your request for consideration in our roadmap.

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