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I followed the guide, resolved dependencies and installed fine (Centos 7 installation).

started the service successfully but nothing else happens.

tried dss.mydomain.com:11000

times out.

ps aux shows multiples dss/python programs running, not sure what's wrong.

any ideas ?
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For a first debugging, you can do via SSH in the console: "wget localhost:11000". It will download a html file. Open it and check you have no error (a normal HTML that would be the homepage of DSS).

1) If you have no error, it means that the problem comes from the network environment/configuration. It depends on your situation. Where did you install it? In the cloud? Is it behind a firewall? Can you ping dss.mydomain.com? Can you open http://dss.mydomain.com?

2) If you have an error or empty file, DSS is not running or have a problem. Check DSS logs to know more.

Hi, thanks for the quick response. I've deployed it successfully on ubuntu for our PoC.
I'm pretty sure it's some iptables/firewall thing but I'm not going to spend time on it.
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