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Hello, a few questions on the Twitter Stream feature in Data Science Studio:

- is it possible to integrate complex filters, i.e. AND/OR keywords on tweet text and language filtering?

- is is sensitive to case and special french characters, like contrôle/Controle/controle should be the same

- is it possible to have several streams running in parallel on the same tokens?

- is there a limit on the size of databases?

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- For now we do not support AND/OR keywords. We track each keyword separately.

- It is not sensitive to case. It is sensitive to specific character like French accents. More info in the track description : https://dev.twitter.com/streaming/overview/request-parameters#track

- yes it is possible to have several streams running in parallel with the same tokens.

- There is no limit on the size.
last question: is it possible to filter by language?
Not directly. But it is possible to stream and then process the result. You can activate the retrieve of the Language column in the parameters of the dataset. Then you will be able to filter on the one of your choice as a post processing.
ok thanks!
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