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I am trying to parse a fixed-width format file, but I am getting an error when I try to enter values in the "column offsets" field.  It allows me to save my settings without error, but it never generates a preview or schema.  When I go back to the "Explore" tab, it gives the following error: "Failed to run".  Followed by: "For input string: "2"".  The number there is always the first value I put in the "column offsets" field.

I tried to included screenshots here, but the image embed button is not working for me (won't let me upload a file).

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Here is an example value to put in the "column offsets" field:


Note that the first number should be 0, and that the last number must not be larger than the shortest input line. Is it adaptable to your case?
That seems to have addressed the error.  I think the problem was I had spaces in between the commas and numbers (e.g. "0, 3, 4" vs. "0,3,4").

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