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I'm trying to make some SQL query directly from a python recipe to make some work in python on the results.

I followed the advice from this page : http://doc.dataiku.com/dss/latest/api/python/sql.html

But I get the following error, as soon as I try to import SQLExecutor, any idea what's the problem ?

[2015/12/02-18:27:32.411] [Exec-30] [INFO] [dku.utils]  -     from dataiku.core.sql import SQLExecutor2
[2015/12/02-18:27:32.411] [Exec-30] [INFO] [dku.utils]  - ImportError: cannot import name SQLExecutor2
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Hi hrobellaz, 

You'd better try this: 

from dataiku.core import sql

sqe = sql.SQLExecutor("yourConnectionName")
df = sqe.exec_query("SELECT * FROM TABLE")



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