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Having Automated Feature engineering would be great.

Currently having to stitch multiple python functions to one large on to use FeatureTools. it would be nice to see if adding a built-in functionality so that when you add data sources you can build the feature tool relationships and 'EntitySets', or define them within one custom function, or a UI that presents them to you.


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We recently released a plugin for automated feature engineering. You can download and install it from our plugin store: https://www.dataiku.com/dss/plugins/info/events-aggregator.html

We also published a technical article to explain our approach: https://medium.com/data-from-the-trenches/automatic-feature-engineering-an-event-driven-approach-b2ca09d166f

Hope it helps,

Understood, and this only works with an SQL dataset/Database connection as well, correct?
Yes, SQL databases or Hadoop datasets through Hive.
It seems does not work with Snowflake, correct?
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