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I have both anaconda and python installed in GCP instance where DSS is also installed. Conda was working fine initially and i was able to update and install package using both Conda and pip. However after 3 weeks , i am getting this error " Cannot run program "conda": error=2, No such file or directory, caused by: IOException: error=2, No such file or directory". 

I encountered this problem earlier also where i had to re-install conda again and it worked fine for a week. Can you please tell me whats wrong and why i m getting this error after few weeks of running successfully.

Waiting for your kind response.



Hello, can you run the conda command from the shell of your GCP instance? Did you do any admin operations on the instance between the time when it was working and the time of the error?

The conda command in GCP instance was not running and I had to do
source ~/.bashrc

and restart the DSS instance. It is working now.

Thank you so much.

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[Addition for other users with similar situations]

For Anaconda to be usable from Dataiku DSS in code environment, the "conda" command needs to be in the PATH environment variable. This implies that when you install Anaconda, you accept the optional option "Add Anaconda to my PATH environment variable". Otherwise, you will need to manually add it to the PATH.


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