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I am trying to use the functionality 'Append instead of overwrite' to store an output after writing a recipe. However, I don't see the results being appended to the table. Instead, Dataiku performs truncate table and then invokes insert table command.

When I use sync functionality, 'Append instead of overwrite' works. New rows are always added to the table.

Is this a bug within Dataiku?

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I have an update regarding this question. dataiku support mentioned that currently it is not possible to append to datasets using a Spark recipes

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What is the kind of recipe and kind of output that you are trying to append to ?
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The flow is as follows:
Input is a dataset via a file upload. Then, it connects to a 'prepare' recipe, which performs column renaming and deleting. Then the result of this prepare recipe is supposed to be appended to an Oracle database.

When I only use 'sync', the result is successfully appended to the table.
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