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Hello everyone!

I'm working on a Python Notebook to copy paste a Project. I have already change the path of my imported Datasets like explained here: https://www.dataiku.com/learn/guide/tips/duplicate-project.html.

However I can't rename the dataset like I renamed the 'hiveTableName'. Any help please? :)


#Foreach datasets
for i in range(len(imported_datasets)):
    #Get the name of the dataset
    dataset_name = imported_datasets[i]["name"]
    print("editing path of : " + dataset_name)
    #Get his definition by his name
    dataset = imported_project.get_dataset(dataset_name)
    definition = dataset.get_definition()

    #Update name, path, hivetable name
    #Updating name doesn't work this way. @TODO
    dataset.dataset_name = prefixe + "_" + dataset.dataset_name 
    definition["name"] = prefixe + "_" + definition["name"]
    definition["params"]["hiveTableName"] = prefixe + "_" + definition["params"]["hiveTableName"] 
    definition["params"]["path"] = prefixe + "_" + definition["params"]["path"]

    #Update the data in the dataset


Error: DataikuException: com.dataiku.dip.server.controllers.NotFoundException: dataset does not exist: TEST_IMPORT.TEST_IMPORT_test_import_d_sync

The first TEST_IMPORT is my project, the second is the prefixe (to differentiate with the original project)


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Indeed renaming datasets through the API is not supported.

It is actually not needed  since you updated the path and the Hive name, the datasets can coexist between the 2 projects. This already guarantees logical separation across projects, while the dataset names are the same. Hence you can use your script, except for this part:

definition["name"] = prefixe + "_" + definition["name"]

which is not needed.

Note that you would have achieved the same automatically without code if you had put ${projectKey}_ as prefix in the path and Hive section of your connection, before creating the initial project. This is documented here: https://doc.dataiku.com/dss/latest/connecting/relocation.html



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Ok thanks for the answer. I tried what you linked but it seems my Datasets are still connected.
Correct me if I'm wrong: I went to the home page of my imported project, settings, settings again,  code recipes, then I changed the option to 'Table references with variables' (suppose to add ${projectKey}_ to the table I think?)
Thanks again :)

Edit: My datasets are on HDFS
Yes, the relocation setting link will work for duplicating future projects. For your current project, which was created before having this setting, you will have to use your script to apply it "a posteriori". Your script is correct, you simply need to remove the part:
definition["name"] = prefixe + "_" + definition["name"]
Ok this is working great :)
I am going to be a pain, but another question: I didn't find a way to share a Dataset via the API. Is it possible or not?
This is not currently part of our API. We are planning to add it in our next release :)
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