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Hi, I have to use a workaround of writing a file in my python code to get output from a lab recipe. I'm getting a syntax error at the "%pylab inline" code line (I think because of the "%" sign). I tried using the 2 commented lines below in place of it but then I get a Tkinter error. Any suggestions?




%pylab inline
#import matplotlib ... tried to use this and the line below to get past the error in the recipe but got the Tkinter error
#import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
Hi, could you share with us the full code? Your goal is to use a Python code recipe to output images to a folder? If not could you give us more context regarding your goal?

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"%pylab inline" is a notebook-only construct which cannot work in a recipe

For the Tkinter error, you need to tell matplotlib that you want it to work in memory (instead of displaying the image) by doing this, before importing pyplot:

import matplotlib
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BAM! Thank you...that solved it!
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