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I'm currently using the message sender object from within custom Python scenario, but so far I can only send plain text messages. Is it possible to use HTML formating rather than plain text with this feature? I can't find the complete list of parameters for these functions in the documentation :

message_sender.set_params(sender="[email protected]", recipent="[email protected]")
message_sender.send(sender="", recipient="", subject="", message="")

Thanks a lot!


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Hi Romain, 

You can use HTML formatting this way:

sender = scenario.get_message_sender(channel_id="my_channel_id") 
sender.set_params(sender="[email protected]", 
                recipient="[email protected]", 
html_message="<b>All is good</b>"

sender.send(subject="The scenario is doing well", 


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