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Is there a way to highlight visual recipe depending on the step contained in them?
To illustrate my point, lets suppose that in my flow, I have multiple data preparation recipe.
I know that in one of them, a specific transformation is done with a parameter, and I'd like to change the parameter.
However, I don't remember which recipe contains this step. My only current way to modify the specific step is to look closely each recipe to know if the step is in it or not. Is there any other ways?

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Since DSS 4.1, it is possible to perform advanced search from the flow (search bar on the top left). But it does not look for steps inside visual "Prepare" recipes.

If it is too long for you to look inside each "Prepare" recipe, you can automate it using our public Python API, using this class:  https://doc.dataiku.com/dss/latest/api/public/client-python/reference.html#id2


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