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I created new API service and new API endpoint (prediction (Function (R))) for my project. Dataiku has handy functions in "Code" and "Test" windows. In "Code" window user can expand and collapse R code using arrow buttons which are next to the line numbers. For example, user can collapse function

function_name <- function() {
  some code
  some more code
  even more code

to view like:

function_name <- function() {...}


Also in "Test" window user can enlarge or diminish size of "Request body" part which contains example json.

All that is great, but the problem is that all those changes suddenly dissapears whenever I switch to any other Dataiku window. I think it would be more convenient to leave it as user set.


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Thanks for the suggestions, we'll add them for consideration ! We have a new improved UI coming up for "test queries" in the coming weeks.
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