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Is it possible to build a dataset through a python method  ?



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Yes, you can define a Python recipe with an ouput dataset but no input. Use case could be that you retrieve data from an external API, process it in a Pandas dataframe, and then save it to your output dataset using a dataiku method such as write_with_schema.
The function I was looking for is  scenario.build_dataset(). I didn't ask It the proper way ;)
OK great! We have some examples in our doc that may help you:
Regarding this particular function (scenario.build_dataset()), is there a list of accepted parameters for the build_mode keyword argument? I saw that RECURSIVE_BUILD is the default parameter, but is there something similar for non-recursive ones?
Here are the available options:
 /** Rebuild what is required for dependencies */
    /** Only rebuild the dataset directly, ignore the state of the dependencies */
    /** Rebuild all recursively, ignore the state of the dependencies */
    /** Recursive build, but only build "missing" datasets, don't refresh out of date ones */
Thanks a lot!
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