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I'm asking about how DSS monitors issues during datasets processing. I see two kinds of potential issues: 

  • Volume : Inconsistant number of records in a dataset (eg : I expected at least 1k records per  day for my "webtraffic" dataset)
  • Schema / values:  One or more rows have fields that don't respect the defined schema or expected values (eg : in webtraffic dataset, IP adresses are not valid or values of a date field are not expected). 

 Is there a way to monitor / handle those errors in DSS and be notified by email or something ?






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Hi Romain,

These features are on our roadmap. You can get in touch with our Sales team if you'd like more details.

As of today, you could write a custom recipe in Python for instance and write your tests.
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Good new!

Thanks for the quick reply :)
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