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I have a question according the cleaning data. I have the colomnes with names and surenames and some times i have some numbers with the text information, as:

NOM            PRENOM
Soloma        Anastasiia2
Ri5grit          Stephanie

Is any code existe to clean all the numbers from these colomnes?


Thank you in advance!


Best regards,

1 Answer

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Hi Anastasiia,

Yes, you can do that easily with DSS. Create a Prepare recipe and add a new "Find & Replace" step.

The simple/easy way is to replace 0 with nothing, 1 with nothing, ... 9 with nothing.

A better way to do it, is to replace all occurrences of the regular expression [0-9] which matches any digit.

If you want to remove the numbers in multiple columns, configure the step accordingly as in the above screenshots.

Hope this helps,


VP Engineering, Dataiku

Ah exact! Thank you very much for such fast answer!
Have a nice day
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