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After a model is trained, under "Regression Coefficients", there is a checkbox for "Display raw coefficients". What does it do? I noticed that when "Display raw coefficients" is checked, the coefficients I see is closer to the ones I got when running the model training and a Jupyter notebook, so what coefficients was I seeing when the box was UNCHECKED? 

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Raw coefficients taking into account rescaling of numerical variables
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Hi Alex, then do you know how to export the coefficients without rescaling? Thanks a lot!
Hello, This is possible in the new versions of Dataiku (from 4.2 onwards). You or your Dataiku admin can upgrade by following https://doc.dataiku.com/dss/latest/installation/upgrade_instance.html. After the upgrade, the export button will output either raw or scaled coefficients, depending on the "Display raw coefficients" box.
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