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I cannot find the option to copy a recipe to other projects.

The projects have different data set, but the process and model closely same, just change some parameters is enough.

Moreover, is it possible to group recipes to be a sub process? my flow so long processes. It should be better if I can group them together.

Also, does it have loop process? Like do the same recipes just change group such as group by state that will do each state with Visual recipes (I do not know much in coding)

For example, do the whole process with Queensland state save the result and do it again with Victoria state.


Thank you.

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There is no simple way to do this currently, but we are thinking of permitting this in the future.

Currently, your best solution is to copy the whole project.


Regarding your other problem, you would benefit greatly from the concept of partition, we have a tutorial that can help you getting started here. Please check out our tutorials portal, partitioning is part of the advanced section https://www.dataiku.com/learn/portals/tutorials.html
I see, but copy the whole project pretty bad.
It store to same database.
For example, project A > copy to > Project A2
When I change recipes in A2 it will store data to same A database, all data in project A will change, too.
This means I have to change inputs and outputs in every recipes...... That really consume time to do them.
What about partitioning? Did you have a look? Does it work in your case?
It is not work as I just community edition.
Unfortunately it is the right solution to your issue here.

If you are a student please get in touch with us, we have a process to deliver academic licenses.

We would like to purchase one Licence of Dataiku, what is the cost?
How can someone obtain student license?

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