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I am using visual recipes on HDFS partionned data. This morning we installed Impala (on a cluster cloudera and we set up the comunicationwith dataiku). Indeed we wanted to use the in-database engine to produce charts of all the available datasets (around 60GB). From now, we can't manage anymore the recipes.

Many thanks in advance for your help.
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You can try:

  • Redeploying the client configuration (from Cloudera Manager) to all nodes, including the node on which Dataiku is installed
  • Re-running the hadoop integration procedure (including the pre-check that the command line works from that node)
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thank you for your answer. We did what you proposed, but it didn't solve the problem.
I suggest:

1. Making sure that the various command lines (hdfs, hive, spark-shell…) work correctly from the node where Dataiku is installed. If not, it is a Hadoop configuration problem, so you should ask your Hadoop administrator or Cloudera support.

2. If it works on the command line but not in Dataiku DSS, perform a DSS diagnostic (in Administration > Maintenance) and send the result to Dataiku support http://support.dataiku.com/  along with a precise description of what doesn't work.
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