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I'm currently working on DSS and keep getting disconnected (gray screen with yellow "Disconnected" caption) for a short time every few seconds. Is there any step I can take or setting I could play with to solve this issue?

Thanks in advance
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This is a sign that the DSS backend process is restarting. The most probable cause is an out of memory situation. You can check the "run/backend.log" file. Look for the "DSS startup" messages, and go up, until you see the cause for crash.

You might need to increase "backend.xmx" (default 2g) and "backend.permgen" (default 200m) as detailed here: https://doc.dataiku.com/dss/latest/installation/java_env.html
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Thanks Clément, trying that right now.
@Clement, we tried increasing the xmx, but the results are the same.
Below is what we get in the logfile :

[2017/06/16-09:58:23.267] [qtp1126898061-313919] [INFO] [dku.websocket]  - WS connected src=/ user=admin
[2017/06/16-09:58:33.703] [qtp1126898061-313919] [INFO] [dku.websocket]  - WS closed code=1006 user=admin reason=Read EOF
after increase backend.xmx and permgen i've notice that dss is faster ... but the "disconected" issue remains.Logs checked and the reason was a XGBoost algo except while folding .....  It seems that some internal exception is not being handled inside dss and thats why the user is disconected when something goes wrong .... the same problem happens when we are configuring features for prediction ... I have a natural language column, that every time it loads dss disconects and then conects again
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