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According to the UI, it shall be possible, when editing a stack recipe in the Settings tab, and there is also a trash can icon next to each dataset. However, nothing seems to happen when I press this icon.

The alternative is of course to make a new recipe without this input, but if there is a trash can it should work.
What version are you using?
We do not see this behaviour, could you open the inspector of your browser and see if there are any JS errors?
I am running 4.01 in VirtualBox. I have opened the javascript inspector (Chrome), but what I see is 12 warnings as notifcations, no errors. I do not know how I can inspect the warnings?

Additional info: I have 4 data set stacked, I made a copy of the stack recipe to get another stack with only 3 of the 4, but found no way to remove the undesired dataset. I have now created another stack recipe so it is not an urgent issue, but something which would need to be resolved.

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