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Problème rencontré lors d'une requête sur un champ string  (filtre pour conserver uniquement des dossiers 2017)



substring("sdoss_numdoss",2,4)=="2017"  (ou substring("sdoss_numdoss",1,4)=="2017" )

message en-dessous : "Formula is valid"


(structure du champ sdoss_numdoss =  P201704160494SIA)

résultats --> 0 observation

1 Answer

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You don't need quotation marks around the column name.

Also, you should try without the boolean test to see what the substring outputs.

Anyway, substring(sdoss_numdoss, 1, 5)=="2017" should work.
i tested but it doesnt work

substring(sdoss_numdoss, 1, 5)=="2017"

and 0 result
Did you try without the boolean test? See what the substring outputs?
mistake  , last dataset wasnt update and was empty...

substring(sdoss_numdoss, 1, 5)=="2017" works !

thank you
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