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showed the following : console login:

login: dataiku

password: dataiku

localhost login: dataiku

password: dataiku

then it entered in to>

[[email protected] ~]

then i don't know what to do... I couldn't access the URL: localhost:10000 and it didn't even display the URL

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Hi, can you check that you meet all prerequisites detailed here: https://doc.dataiku.com/dss/latest/installation/other/vm.html

You can try reducing the amount of memory allocated to the virtual machine to 2GB
I have changed the memory allocation still the problem persists.
the console entered into ----->
[[email protected] ~]$

and I don't know the commands to deal with it
I didn't even get the welcome message and data science studio interface URL.
when I try to open localhost:10000 in webbrowser "could not connect to DSS server"
HTTP code: 502
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