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Hi, I want to import a dump mysql file but it never generated a preview.

What I did:

I've tried with .sql and .dump file, and in the preview page I chose type mysql dump and entered the table name <test>. Then I clicked on Create, and it failed with no contents no rows.

What should the file be like? How should I import it?

Thank you
When you clicked on Test, did it show a preview or nothing ? Your file should be readable text and contain statements like "INSERT INTO mytable VALUES"
There is nothing. Here is a extract from the sql file dump.sql:

/* Many comments */

CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `tmp` (.........)

INSERT INTO `tmp`(......)

I just uploaded it and chose dump sql file, but there is no preview. Do I have to do other actions?

Is there a chance you could share this dump file ? You can drop a mail at [email protected] - if it's larger than 15 MB, you can use WeTransfer to send it to this same email. Thanks.
I tried with another one and it works, thank you! Without your answer I couldn't do that. Just one more question: It shows that the uploaded mysql dump file dataset cannot do with sql queries(the button is grey). Is that normal?
Thanks in advance

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When you import a SQL dump file, it is simply a Filesystem dataset in DSS, not a SQL one. If you want to run SQL queries on it, you'll need to sync it into a SQL dataset (add a SQL connection, click the filesystem dataset, and choose actions > sync).

However, if you already have a MySQL dump file and a MySQL database, it would be much better to load the dump file directly in MySQL
thanks very much!
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