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I use the community edition.

I changed my password in my settings when I was connected to DSS with a VM a few days ago.

Yet, I have lost my password and face the screen below...

I have reset my password with this link https://my.dataiku.com/pwdreset/start/

But it still doesnt work.

What can I do?

What is the login? admin or my email address?


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These credentials are the local ones.

If you never changed your credentials, it should be admin/admin.


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I changed these credentials, but don't remember the new ones.

If you have ssh access to the server, you can reset the password by typing the following commands in a terminal:

    cd DATA_DIR
    ./bin/dku user-set-password LOGIN PASSWORD
Sorry, I don't manage to reset my login / password

Do I have to type the commands in the welcome banner or in my computer terminal(windows)?

The command ./bin/dku user-set-password LOGIN PASSWORD does not work

Could you help me?

In our pre-built Linux virtual machine:
1) On the console of  Virtualbox or VMWare, connect with the Linux user (should be dataiku / dataiku, check the welcome banner)
2) Find the DATA_DIR (should be /home/dataiku/dss) and open it: cd /home/dataiku/dss
3) Run this command:  ./bin/dku user-set-password LOGIN PASSWORD

The command  ./bin/dku user-set-password LOGIN PASSWORD does not seem to work.

What are my credentials in this case?
Can I also reset my login?
Should I restart the VM afterwards?

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