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I would like to test Dataiku on Windows via a virtual machine.

I have followed all the steps of the following link:


Yet, at the end, it doesn't work when I open the URL in my Firefow browser. The web page is like I wouldn't have access to internet (while I have, since I can log on other websites).

Do you know which problems can happen at this step?

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So, I have been struggling with some of the same issues.  Here are the things that I had to change in order to get things going.

1. The OS on the VM is a 64bit version.  On importation of the virtual machine the Operating system selected was a 32bit Ubuntu.  I had to change to a 64bit Unbuntu.

2. Then I go an error that my bios was not set up for virtualization.  Using the VirtualBox Documentation. Once I found the right spot in my bios, then the virtual machine started.

Once I go through that the start up screen eventual came up on the VM looking like this.

Once I got to that screen I was able in my browser to go to and go to the web site.  Then I had to figure out the startup password for the site.  The documentation is fairly clear at that point.


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