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Hello. I'm running DSS using the ova you supplied on a VMware virtual machine. Consistent with the instructions, I have not logged in when running the machine. How can I gracefully shut down the VM? Do I need to login to do that? Or is there another option?

Thank you.
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You should have an option in VMWare that send a poweroff signal to the system, so that DSS stops gracefully.

If you prefer or have to do it manually, you can login into the virtual machine (should be dataiku / dataiku, check the welcome banner) and then run 'sudo shutdown -h now'.

I hope that helps,
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Thanks for the very fast response, Jeremy. It appears the option you mentioned above is available in VMWare Workstation, but not VMWare Player (which I'm currently using).

Instead, can you give me the root id and password so I can just manually shut down the OS from the command line? The login information displayed when the VM is started doesn't give me access to shutdown.

Thanks for your help!
I updated my answer.
That worked. Thank you.
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